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We are proud to announce that we have recently manufactured and installed a brand-new plant for the production of car air filters for the Czech company MANN+HUMMEL. Its production facilities in Nová Ves serves the growing automotive and industrial aftersales market and OE sectors in central and eastern Europe.

The plant is composed of a carousel at circular section suitable for the movement and the assembly of n.36 pneumatic mould‑support presses specially designed type for car air filters production; our supply includes also the automatic release agents spray system with an ABB anthropomorphic 6 axes robot complete with release agent feeding and spray-gun unit.

Thanks to the configuration and the particular design of the pneumatic mould carriers, the plant is capable to produce up to 500 filters per hour with mixed production (i.e. production of different moulds/shapes of filters simultaneously). The mould‑support presses are equipped with rapid hook system of the moulds so to carry out the change of the same (that is the change of the model of the filter to be produced) in zero-time or rather during the normal automatic production cycle.