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Impianti OMS S.p.A, leader in the manufacturing of foaming machines and turn-key plants for the polyurethane industry, will be exhibiting at JEC EUROPE 2014 in Paris booth P70.

A classic meeting occasion for the Composites specialists of all nations, the three days of JEC 2014 will see IMPIANTI OMS presenting their latest innovation in several fields of this vast segment of the reinforced plastics industry.

Impianti OMS is at disposal to introduce and explain the top technologies for continuous panel lines (flexible or rigid facings and core insulation in PUR/PIR, rockwool but also phenolic), discontinuous panel plants, continuous and discontinuous blocks, elastomers and gaskets, refrigerators (both domestic and industrial), automotive (for the production of car seats, steering wheels, headrests, absorption carpets, air filters), solar heaters (boilers, solar panels) and insulation of the pipes in the oil industry with polyurethane foams reinforced with glass spheres (GSPU).

In addition to the existing range of PU metering equipment that caused our technology and brand to become known all over the world, IMPIANTI OMS has recently finished the R&D phase related to a new self-cleaning, high-pressure mixing head particularly designed for low outputs.

Designed to work with an output range from 30 to 130 g/s, the new mixing head Y2K 4/6 is available for use in all applications where the metering of small dimensions is required.