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On Saturday 7th June 2014 took place the first edition of SIMATIC RUN organized by SIEMENS at Monza Park.
The OMS team Running Turtles team has participated at the event with a small group who succeeded in reaching on TOP.

Our Rocket Turtle Najib Hadj Ahmed made a single run since he did all the 10 km alone winning the race in 0:33:39 and OMS awarded this prestigious cup.

It will be hard to keep calling him "Turtle” even if we are OMS RUNNING Turtles.

The other OMS Running Turtles did also a very good job with the following times:

On the 21Km (Men):
- Pos. 67 Flavio Meroni 1:56:15
- Pos. 103 Paolo Soloni 1:56:45

On the 10km (Men):
- Pos. 30 Roberto Redaelli 46:58
- Pos. 42 Roberto Madotto 48:16

On the 10km (Women):
- Pos. 13 Sabrina Mariani 1:00:02.

We are very proud of this small team able to get such results which reflect all OMS Team; a group of people able to sell plants all over the word winning the competition against many companies and being the fastest one on the market for panel board production.

Once again thanks to Najib and all OMS Running Turtles keeping OMS colours and name high on this and many other occasions.

Wonderful job!