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IMPIANTI OMS has successfully taken part in CPI Polyurethanes Technical Conference hold on 22-24 September  2014 in Dallas (Texas - USA) together with our US distributor Polyurethane Process Industries.


Globally, manufacturers in the field of domestic and industrial refrigeration, sandwich panels and water heaters are under pressure to reduce the energy used by their products. Replacing banned or less-effective blowing agents with newer, more environmentally friendly blowing agents is one way to improve the energy efficiency of foam insulation. These newer blowing agents, however, can require expensive dedicated safety systems, equipment modifications or equipment replacements.

The IMPIANTI OMS poster showed how to improve the thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam while minimizing costs of process changes by directly injecting a blowing agent, as a third stream, into a mixing head using high-pressure impingement mixing technology.

By directly injecting the blowing agent as a third stream into the mixing head, OMS demonstrated that a manufacturer can change blowing agents to achieve better energy efficiency while using existing equipment (with minor modifications) and minimizing the amount and cost of additional processing and safety systems.