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OMS Group supplies one of the world’s longest Double Belt Conveyor for South Korean leading Customer of Phenolic Panel

One of the leading manufacturers of Phenolic insulation boards for the Fareast construction industry has recently chosen OMS Group as its partner supplier for their new XL double belt conveyor for Phenolic Panel production in South Korea.

The decision reinforces our position as a leading worldwide supplier of plant and machinery for the continuous panel market and specifically in the phenolic application.

The production line is one of the most technologically advanced in the world and is mainly composed of high speed laminator with a length of60 m.the longest one produced up to now.

The line has a potential production speed up to 40 meters/minute and produces insulated phenolic boards for flat & pitched roofs, wall, floor and ceiling insulation.

The customer should minimize costs, continually increase the productivity of their systems and meet ever-stricter environmental regulations to face the challenges of global competition. Innovative and eco-friendly OMS solutions help to conserve natural resources, improve energy and capital utilization and optimization processes. This is an example of OMS package solution of what OMS Group can offer, develop, deliver and install.

This technically advanced system includes:

-60 mt Double belt conveyor for special fireproof performance insulation Panel with PHENOLIC material

-METAL-SLATS made by stainless steel in order to minimize the corrosion made by the phenolic acid

-Slats are machined with flatness accuracy+/- 0,1 mm, ( +/- 0,0039”)to work with high material temperature ( 85 °C ) assuring excellent surface quality and regular homogeneity of the panel shape

-ADVANCED LOAD CELL SYSTEM for measuring the inside-foam pressure and relevant curing material profile along the entire XL OMS conveyor.

-AUTOMATIC UP-DOWN MOVEMENT enables a better control and optimization of the line production process giving the possibilities to modify the thickness during the production.

-STEAM HEATING SYSTEM. The design concept used by Impianti OMS for the pre-heat and double belt conveyor heating systems is based on a complete enclosure around the double belt.

Such technical solution gives the following advantages:

oMinimum temperature dispersion;

Recover of the heat made by the foam reaction;

Better safety condition for the operator;

Side containment at correct temperature;

Complete separation from production area in case of pentane use;

Possibility to cool down the system;

Possibility to have a fast cool down or cleaning of the area by air exchange with the external.

-AIR to AIR Heat Exchanger - In order to improve the energy efficiency the system is complete of Air-to-Air heat exchanger to recover part of the heat from the waste gases The system has been made to guarantee a contained payback of the investment according to the relevant energy efficiency and saving.

OMS Group is proud to be recognized a reliable player in the polyurethane market able to offer ‘’turn-key’’ plants from the engineering to the maintenance service, sharing its know-how and experience with the leading worldwide panels manufacturers to develop the next generation of high performance laminators also for Phenolic foam Panel production.