PRIVACY INFORMATION in accordance to the Italian law 196/2003
We recognize and respect the importance of our customers' and personal information, and we are committed to making all of our directors and employees of our group companies and outsourced companies engaged in business operation observe the law and our company regulation on protection of personal information you share with us.

1. How we collect the personal information
We collect your personal information through appropriate processes by clearly indicating the intended use purposes. (Information you fill out on various forms, such as a contract or an order form, may fall under the category of Personal Information.)

2. How we use the personal information
We may use your information for a number of purposes which includes:
- Contacting you on business
- Carrying out the contract (processing your orders for products/ services)
- Contacting you with information on new products and services by IMPIANTI OMS S.p.A.
- Inviting you to seminars and exhibitions held by IMPIANTI OMS S.p.A.
- Requesting your cooperation in Customer Satisfaction Survey or Questionnaires
- Responding to your inquiries or requests
- Managing your safety while you visit our company
- Actions appointed by law
- For purposes informed to and authorized by you in advance

3. Security of Personal Information
We strive to keep the Personal Information we handle accurate and up-to-date, and take appropriate safety measures by utilizing the guidelines on security established by the governmental and the local authorities including their relevant agencies.
We take reasonable security safeguards to protect our databases and servers against unauthorized access, risks of loss, destruction, modification, or improper disclosure of data.

4. Prohibition of Disclosure to Third Parties
We will not provide Personal Information to any third party without obtaining the customer's consent in advance, except for reasons stated below:
- When we are required or authorized by law, government ordinance, municipal regulations, or other regulations to do so
- When it is necessary for protection of life, body, or property of a person, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
- When it is especially necessary for improvement of public health, or healthy nurturing of juveniles, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
- When there is a need for cooperating with a legal task undertaken by a national institution/ local authorities, and notification to the customer may result in obstruction of carrying out the task

5. Request for disclosure, correction, or discontinuation of use
When we receive a request for disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use of personal information from the customers, we will promptly start the procedure, pursuant to laws and regulations. We will take all reasonable steps to confirm your identity, and handle your request within reasonable limits.

6. Inquiries
We welcome your questions and comments (including complaints) about your Personal Information. Please send them by mail or email, and we will get back to you within reasonable limits. You can obtain the inquiry form on this page, or please contact our representative at the address shown below:
IMPIANTI OMS S.p.A. Via Sabbionetta, 4 - 20843 Verano Brianza (MB) ITALY Tel. +39-0362-9831 Fax +39-0362-983217